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Mindfulness and Creativity Part I

In a world awash in distraction, stress, and fears—all of which can affect creativity and wellbeing—mindfulness can be a valuable consideration for supporting young learners at home and in the classroom. In his 2015 article, Cultivating Alternate Mindsets to Enhance Organizational Well-being and Creativity, M. Holm discusses how even, “brief meditation breaks provide the downtime needed for creativity to be enhanced.” 

Practices for creativity-focused mindfulness can begin with small steps. After reading Meena’s Mindful Moment, with students at Holy Trinity School in Ontario Canada, teachers guided a mini mindful activity, followed by a discussion about emotions and “hurly-burly hullabaloos.” Below we see mindfulness and creativity in action.

Part II coming soon: Practices for creativity-focused mindfulness in the classroom and at home.

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